Attic Records –  513 Grant Ave., Millvale (Pittsburgh), PA 15209

Pittsburgh is blessed with more than just one (Jerry’s Records) great record store.  Number two on the list is Attic Records which has a large selection of 45s (not cheap) and endless rows of meticulously organized albums (by artist) along with plenty of cds.  And you can try before you buy.  One minor quibble – the records are not organized by genre, so you need to know what you are looking for.

Attic Records - Pittsburgh PA - store front


Here is an article about Attic Records Midvale Record Store Stays True To Its Roots, Keeps Selling Vinyl that appeared in the Trib Live on August 2, 2016, and another Wiping Off The Dust At Attic Records that appeared in the Duquesne Duke.   


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