Attic Records –  513 Grant Ave., Millvale (Pittsburgh), PA 15209 – Open

Pittsburgh is blessed with more than just one (Jerry’s Records) great record store.  Number two on the list is Attic Records which has a large selection of 45s (not cheap) and endless rows of meticulously organized albums (by artist) along with plenty of cds.  The store offers new and used records of all genres.  And its big.  The stacks, off the store’s main floor, house a tremendous number of LPs.  You can try before you buy.  One minor quibble – the records are not organized by genre, so you need to know what you are looking for.

The store’s exterior features two great painted murals, pictured below  (sorry during my visit that minivan just wouldn’t move). painted by Sandy Kessler.   You can find a better picture of them (they got the minivan to move), along with an annotation of each person and label depicted, in this April 2020 post in Very Local Pittsburgh An Annotated Guide To The Attic Records Mural In Millvaleor you could just try to guess on your own.

First opened in 1980, the store is now owned by Fred Bohn Jr., who got the shop from his father, Fred Bohn Sr.  The store survived and rebuilt after the Millvale flood of 2004, caused by the remnants of Hurricane Ivan, which  wiped out a large portion of its stock.

Wanna go?  You can find Attic Records on our Record Stores Map.

Attic Records - Pittsburgh PA - store front

Attic Records - Pittsburgh PA - mural
This mural covers the ’60s to ’90s.
Attic Records - Pittsburgh PA - mural
while this mural covers the ’20s to ’50s.

Attic Records - Pittsburgh PA - group photos

Attic Records - Pittsburgh PA - 45s
If you’re looking for 45s, you’ve come to the right place.

Attic Records - Pittsburgh PA - 45s
There are more 45s over here.

Attic Records - Pittsburgh PA - 45s
And even more 45s over here.

Attic Records - Pittsburgh PA - store counter

Attic Records - Pittsburgh PA - listening station
Try before you buy.

Attic Records - Pittsburgh Pa - the stacks
The stacks.

Attic Records - Pittsburgh PA - stacks

Attic Records - Pittsburgh PA - cds
And their CDs.

 Here’s a video from Synocated Beat, from 2019,  interviewing store owner Fred Bohn Jr. about the store and its history.  The video will give you a better idea of the store’s layout and what it has to offer.

Here is an article about Attic Records Millvale Record Store Stays True To Its Roots, Keeps Selling Vinyl that appeared in the Trib Live on August 2, 2016, and another Wiping Off The Dust At Attic Records that appeared in the Duquesne Duke in 2014, interviewing the store’s owner about the store and it’s history.   


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