House of Oldies – 35 Carmine St., Greenwich Village NY 10014
Store closed, but open virtually

House Of Oldies – No CDs here!

When I first wrote this post in 2012, and throughout the 1980s and 1990s when I regularly visited Village record stores, it was open.  If memory serves, like its neighbor Strider, you couldn’t just flip thru all its offerings but had to ask the store owner Bob Abramson if he had what you were looking for.  He had a large – very large – inventory and oft times he did.  Alas, Bob decided to close his physical store front, first opened in 1969, in 2021.

Here’s a 2021 post, House of Oldies, Greenwich Village, NYC from James and Karla Murray Photography  reporting on the store’s closure.
And here’s a December 1, 2020 article from Business of the Month: House of Oldies, 35 Carmine Street published by the Village Preservation Blog, that interviews Bob Abramson, and includes a picture of Bob with one of his famous customers.
And finally, a November 15, 2011 post by Mitch Broder from his blog Vintage New York titled House of Oldies: Selling Last Century’s Hits For Half A Century from happier days, that discussed the store and its long history selling vinyl.  Lots and lots of rare vinyl.

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