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Today’s Song of the Day is from New Zealand’s the Beths – Expert in a Dying Field. From their 2022 album of the same name, this is shimmering indie pop, with shinning harmonies and ringing guitar. Underneath this brightness, and amid the pop hooks, are lyrics that are all melancholy. They’re about relationships that have ended, and memories of what you learned to make them go, knowledge that is no longer of much use (splenda in her coffee …).

The video plays on the song’s title in a more literal way. It’s populated with old electronics, cameras, tube amps and 78s. Your guide through is an expert in a dying field – someone who knows how to repair them. I have known several of these tradesmen in my travels. The jukebox repair guy or the clock maker who can repair windup antiques.

If you haven’t heard them before, the Beths are a great band, and this is their third full length album. If you want to explore some more, I’d recommend Whatever, originally on Warm Blood (2016) and then on their first full length – Future Me Hates Me (another great title). The band is led by Elizabeth Stokes – who writes and sings lead (the Beths, get it?) but contains jazz majors from university who know a thing or three about music construction. Worthy.

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