Kim’s Video and Music  East Village, New York City
Closed – 124 1st Ave. East Village New York

When I originally wrote this in 2013, Kim’s was still open.
Last of the Mohicans, Kim’s once had 5 other stores.  While it features rare and esoteric videos, it also contains a large selection of vinyl, both new and used.  A listening booth allows you to check the tunes, so long as you don’t open the new ones.

Happily picked up Let’s Active’s Big Plans for Everybody, and the Apromus Compilation, aptly described as Swedish Garage.  Happy Hunting.

Unfortunately, it closed in 2014.  Here’s a story that appeared in the Bedford Bowery The Story of Kim’s Video and Music, Told By Its Clerks and Customers in August 2014, discussing the history of Kim’s stores, and the closing of this last outpost.

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