Song of the Day

Today’s song of the day is from the camp classic Rocky Horror Picture Show – Science Fiction Double Feature  This is the intro song to the movie – which plays while moving lips sing against a black backdrop.  A camp classic, this film first hit the screen in 1975, and tells the tale of the mad scientist Dr. Frank-n-furter (Tim Curry), a transvestite from Transylvania who is building a man, and Brad and Janet (a young Susan Surandon) who’s car break down leads them to his house.  It also features a cameo by Meat Loaf, who sings a rocker before his untimely demise.  Oh, and don’t forget the pelvic thrust.  It really drives you insane.

The lyrics of this song (by Richard O’Brien) make reference to a slew of B movie sci-fi classics from the 50s (which the movie sends-up).  Here, a clever videographer has pieced together those films, and more, in a video that accompanies the song.  I always loved the Blob – remember how it gets killed?

Want more?  Here’s a link to Rocky Music, The Musical World of Rocky Horror, a webpage that delves even more deeply into the Sci-Fi behind the song.

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