Strider Records – 22 Jones St., Greenwich Village NYC  10014

Store Closed

Bought some great records here while making my regular tours of the Village record shops.   Two of the best were a 45 by the Gentlemen – Come On and the Wailers – Out of Our Tree.  Both are supreme 60’s garage.  The Gentlemen was released in 1966 on Cameo, while the Wailers were a long running group from the Pacific Northwest usually known for frat rock – but this was a great garage record. Pictured below is the store’s owner Bob Noguera.  The singles were on the left, behind the counter, and the albums on the right.

Inside Strider – look at all those 45s

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  1. Hi,just wanted to know if you know were Bob Noguera relocated to with record shop called Strider Records or did he retire,I wrote to him years ago,about 1998-1999 as he was a guest on a local radio show here in Dublin,Ireland called DooWop Street with Mike Dunne.Any help would be appreciated! Vincent.

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