Earwax, Brooklyn, New York

Open – 167 North 9th Street Brooklyn New York  11211

Next up on my Brooklyn record store day is Earwax.  A long time denizen of Williamsburg, this small(ish) shop was here long before the hipsters who now come to buy its records.   They were playing a cool Isley Brothers record I hadn’t heard before (no, not Shout), 1971’s Givin It Back, with the Isley’s take on a number of songs by Bob Dylan, Stephen Stills, Neil Young and Jimi Hendrix among others.  Got a cheap copy of a Black Uhuru record I was always looking for, Red.

Earwax Record Store Willamsburg Brooklyn New York - Store Front

Here’s a link to a video interview of the store’s co-owner Fabio Roberti, describing his store, its history, and that of Williamsburg.


  1. I was hoping this would be about Myopic Earwaxx in Wicker Park (circa late 80s to mid to late 90s). Double X at the end is no typo, it's how it was spelled. What a great shop it was. There was a Myopic coffee house in front, and Earwaxx was in the back. When you bought your LPs or magazines, or whatever else, you could stop for some coffee in front, always with a pastry. Those were damn good times.

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