This is the eleventh of 11 posts, featuring my list of the top 110 songs of the Sixties.  Up today are numbers 1 to 10 (in reverse order).

To compile this list I followed a few rules – first, the list had to represent the entire decade, both in terms of year and genres.  Much as I might like one year or style over the next, all had to be represented.  Second, the songs had to be well-known.  I’ll run a second list of the top 100 obscure songs of the Sixties later to satisfy my critics’ jones.  And third, I tried to represent as many artists as possible.  Again, the goal was to cover as much of what was the decade’s best, which required some hard omissions in favor of other works by that artist.  So, without further ado, here’s the list.

You can hear the whole playlist by clicking on the first youtube video.

Or you can hear the songs one by one, posted in 11 parts.  Below are songs 1-10 (in reverse order)  with You Tube videos so you can hear them for yourselves.  (Why 110?  I just couldn’t eliminate any of these songs).  Want the next batch?  There are links at the bottom of the post that will take you to the others.

Whole Top 110 Songs of the 60s Playlist

10.  Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild
       Steppenwolf                      (1968)


9.  Mamas and the Papas – California Dreamin’
     Can You Believe Your Eyes and Ears (1965)

8.  Marvin Gaye – Heard It Thru The Grapevine
     In The Groove                                          (1968)

7.  Ronettes – Be My Baby
     Ronettes              (1963)

6.  Easybeats – Friday On My Mind
     Friday On My Mind          (1967)

5.  Procol Harem – Whiter Shade Of Pale
     Procol Harem                              (1967)

4.  Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone
     Highway 61 Revisited          (1965)

3.  Beach Boys – God Only Knows
     Pet Sounds                       (1966)

2.  Beatles – A Day In The Life
     Sgt. Peppers               (1967)

1.  Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter
     Let It Bleed                       (1969)

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