Song of the Day

Today’s song of the day is by Shirley Bassey/Propellerheads – History Repeating From 1997, this is big beat and jazz meets James Bond – in the form of Dame Shirley Bassey.  Then 60 (and looking quite good, as you will see in the video), her voice is well-known, including but by no means limited to, her rendition of Goldfinger for the Bond movie of the same name.  The Propellerheads – half her age – wrote the song specifically for her  – and it fits quite well.

According to song facts – “Veteran Welsh singer Shirley Bassey …  she was asked to participate after Propellerhead Alex Gifford wrote the song with her in mind. She explained in the Miami New Times, November 19, 1998: “He said he was asleep, and he thought about me, and these words came out. And I asked, what’s a 35-year-old man doing thinking about a grandmother? I couldn’t imagine!” The Propellerheads sent a demo to Bassey, who loved it but thought it might be more appropriate for Tina Turner, but the Propellerheads persuaded her to record it, arguing they wrote it specifically for her.”

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