Tropicalia Links

Here are some cool links to things Tropicalia.

The first is to a promo video on YouTube for the compilation Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas a cool compilation of obscure Brazilian Psych 45s from the late 60s and early 70s.  Sure does make you want to buy the cd!  Of course, the principal figure in the creation of this album, and the video, was the owner/operator of Tropicalia in Furs. published A Guide To Brazilian Music  The linked page takes you to the Tropicalia section of their site, which contains recommendations and excellent reviews of numerous Tropicalia albums.  A great guide for the explorer.  Don’t forget to read their more detailed reviews of various particular artists, like Os Mutantes. Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, among others.

Here a link to Sounds and Colours, which provides a most informative list of The Best Tropicalia Albums  A great place to begin.  Happy Hunting (and listening).

Here’s a link to an article titled Once Upon A Time, Brasil Protested With Psychedelic Rock ‘n Roll appearing on the website Vice.

A link to a BBC documentary Brasil Brasil – Tropicalia Revolution  Its in 6 parts, so if the rest doesn’t play after part one, go to the YouTube playlist and play the rest!  Great footage, interviews, and music.

And another link to the official trailer of Tropicalia by Marcelo Machado which contains about 2 mins of clips of artists performing Tropicalia, intercut with others of the time in which the music was made.


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