Record Mart Times Square Subway Station New York City

  Open –  featuring Latin and Jazz CDs, including Salsa.  So I ran down the steps to the 7, the doors open and jump into the train – only to find that it isn’t going to go anywhere due to signal problems.  Off the train, up the steps, I get onto the Shuttle instead to Times Square – which I never do.  Get out, head for the 1 and what do I see?  Yup, the Record Mart – underground in Times Square Subway Station.  Salsa blaring on the video screen.  CDs only, but a nice collection if you like Latin or Jazz.  Happy hunting.

Here’s a story that appeared in the New York Times titled Beneath the Roar of the Subway an Old Familiar Rhythm Return on December 19, 2007 about Record Mart and its reopening.

Want to see something else?  I’ve put together a list of the Top 110 Songs of the 1960s complete with You Tube videos so you can give a listen.  Are your favorites on the list?


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