Flea Markets

Every record collector hopes to find the ‘big one’ for a buck lying in a crate somewhere where no one else has looked.  Often that takes you to a flea market, in the hopes that amid the Barbara Streisand, Herb Albert and Ferante and Teicher you’ll find that great record you’re looking for.

Here are some photos of three flea markets I visited in the quest – one of which actually produced the record shown below.  Make sure you bring the tool of the trade – your battery powered portable record player.

Somewhere in Maine on Rte. 1.  He’ll be happy to play it for you.

Here’s another one in Brooklyn – the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene (sorry there were no naked girls)

And elsewhere on the stoops of Brooklyn

And here’s the find – would you have picked it up?

Tools of the trade

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