Other Music Greenwich Village NYC
Closed – 15 E. 4th Street New York New York 10003

I heard the sad news that after a 20 year run, Other Music had decided to close its doors (and mail order too).  I remember it as the small store opposite the giant Tower records (which it outlasted) and went to pay one last visit before the end.  There was always alot of traffic in the store, and today was no exception.

Other Music Greenwich Village New York Store Front















The Times published an article in 2016 Other Music Record Shop, Yielding To Trends, Will Close that discusses the history of the store with its owners and their reasons for closing it.  A sad day indeed.

And here are two more informative articles about the store and its closing.  The first, published in the Observer on May 16, 2016, is titled Musicians Mourn the Loss of Other Music, NYC’s Best Record Store.  In the article, numerous musicians recount, fondly, their experiences in the store, and mourn its eminent passing.  The second from Stereogum (May 9, 2016)  Cherished NYC Record Store Other Music Is Closing also reports on the store’s closing, and some of its history.

Here’s a You Tube video of Other Music by Big Review TV, so you can get a better idea of what the store had to offer.

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