John Doe Records And Books –  434 Warren Street, Hudson New York  12534

For my money, the best record store the Hudson Valley has to offer.  Its crammed with a bit of everything, including books if you’re so inclined.  As Hudson has gone upscale(ish) it (and its extra p) reminds you of what it used to be.  Worth a trip if you’re in the area.

John Doe Record and Books - Hudson New York - store front

Here’s an article from HV1 in October 2014, Meet John Doe Hudson’s Mysterious Record Shopppe interviewing store owner Dan Seward about the store and its history, which apparently involves many different locations over the years.

And another from Rural Intelligence The Rural We: Daniel Seward with a picture of Daniel Seward and one of his store’s old locations (also in Hudson).

And here’s a You Tube interview with a satisfied customer, describing some jazz records he bought at the store.

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