1. I ordered many exotic and out-of-print records from the Record Hunter in the early-to-mid sixties. You could get things that you couldn't find anywhere else, especially on the cutting edge of modern classical music. They marketed reprints of recordings made in Europe at a cut-rate price. When I saw the record package in the mailbox saying Record Hunter, I got excited. The store didn't just cater to New Yorkers, but to the whole world. Even though I stopped buying LPs in the 80s, I still looked into what the Record Hunter had to offer. There was nothing like it. I went there in person once in 1965, on my way to France. It was like a visit to a shrine, a busy one with all kinds of records and all kinds of people milling around. Will never forget the Record Hunter.

  2. Richard Rucker a Jazz pianist was the manager at The Record Hunter on lexington Avenue NYC.
    I would hang out there when still a teenager ,when thta store closed we went over to a little westward up 52nd avenue to Birdland …what an era the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

  3. As an Urban Archeologist I am often searching for the context of the relics I discover. I found a very colorful bag from Record Hunter and was glad to have landed here. I hope someone can tell me if the bag design corresponds to an era, season or section of the store. I will preserve the bag as best I can and share it during my live presentations.

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