DiscOtis – 15 Rue Pasteur Cannes France

I went to the beach in Cannes in the South of France (all sand, quite nice) and had a yearning for a baguette and cheese.  But alas, the beach club we were at didn’t have baguettes (they did have plenty of other offerings but all I wanted …) so I left the beach in search of my baguette.  High and low I looked.  (A great movie by Kurosawa, but I digress).  Plenty of high end shops.  Even some low end shops.  A few restaurants.  But still no baguette.  I was about to abandon hope, when low and behold, I ran into DiscOtis (I promise I wasn’t looking for a record store).  Who would have thought there was a great record store in Cannes.

But there is.  A tribute to the late great Otis Redding, the store is run by Marian Piekarski, seen below, a nice guy who only speaks French.  His shop is well-stocked with used records in all genres, quite reasonably priced.  The sign on the side of the shop entrance provides a handy list.

Despite the language barrier (I was not the best french student in Mr. Tauber’s class) it was a very pleasant afternoon.  We were joined by another visitor (with a little, but not much better, french) and traded record suggestions.  Marian was happy to play a sample, or make a suggestion.

He didn’t have any of the French ye ye records I was looking for, but he did have a lot of 60s 45 picture sleeves which I was.   Highly recommended if you’re in Cannes.

Oh,  I never did find my baguette and cheese.

DiscOtis - Store Front - Cannes France

Here are some of the 45s I bought.

And here’s a  You Tube video of the store and its owner.  I’d like to tell you what he is saying, but it’s in French and as I said, I was not a very good french student.

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