Reckless Records – 1379 N. Milwaukee Ave., Wicker Park, Chicago  Illinois  60622 – Open

And I thought the Reckless Records store in the Loop was a good store.  It is, but their Wicker Park location clearly has it beat.  Why?  Because it’s bigger.  Much much much bigger.   And rumor has it they have room to get even bigger at this location.  Opened in 2015, this branch of Reckless Records was the former Dollar Buster.  Plan to spend a long time.  And remember, Time Out Chicago in 2017 listed Reckless Records as the number one store in Chicago.

Wanna go?  You can find Reckless Records Wicker Park on our Record Stores Map

Reckless Records - Wicker Park Chicago - Store Front

(Sorry about the smudge – my fat fingers at work).

Here’s a 2015 article published on DNAinfo Look Inside Reckless Record’s Sunnier Less Claustrophobic Mega Shop that describes the new store.

Even better, here are photos of an in-store appearance in 2016 by Cheap Trick courtesy of the Chicago Tribune.

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