Vinyl Guru – 152 Broadway Newport Rhode Island 02840

A small shop opened in 2014, it has a typical assortment of rock, jazz, blues and soul records, with one exception.  There, in the back, behind the counter, on a shelf, in all its glory, stood a first press of the Flat Earth Society’s 1968 psych record Waleeco on Fleetwood.  Typically, this record sells for between $300 and $400.  Alas, our friendly proprietor both knew what it was worth, and was already in discussions to sell it to another willing to pay the price.  He told me he had bought it for the princely sum of $1 at Supersavers (a local thrift shop) which made sense, as the Flat Earth Society was a Boston based band.  And there you have one of the reasons we go to record stores – the thrill of the hunt for a record such as this.  Well, maybe I’ll find it in the next store …..

Here’s a link to a September 2014 story titled Ode To A Time (Before Their Own) on the with a brief interview with the store’s owner on the shop and its founding.

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