Rockit Scientist  Records East Village New York City
Closed – 33 St. Marks Place, East Village New York City  10003

Ah back in the day.  You could spend the whole day on St. Marks Place looking at records.  Sounds, Venus, Rockit Scientist and round the corner Vinyl Finyl and See Hear.  I always had good luck in the outdoor bins here – the inside was not as large as the others, so he supplemented his space with outdoor bins.  Got all my Ramones records here and many more.

Rockit Scientist Record Store East Village New York City


A story titled A Charmed Kingdom Where Songs Hold Sway was published in the NY Times on April 20, 2003, which described the Rockit Scientist when it was located on Carmine street.

Another article appeared in Jerimiah’s Vanishing New York which described the store and its then impending closure.

And here’s an article from the Village Voice in 2009 The Top 10 Records Sold At Rockit Scientist Records On St. Marks which lists the top 10 records sold in July 2009.

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