The Thing – Brooklyn New York

Open record store. – 1001 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn New York 11222

Recently I had a chance to spend an old fashion day searching for records in Brooklyn.  There are plenty of record stores alive and well in Williamsburg and Greenpoint.  Indeed, there were more stores to visit then I had time for in a single day.  The confluence of cheaper rent and proximity to a community interested in buying vinyl leads to great selection and opportunity.

Here is my first post about the stores I visited.  I start with The Thing.  I heard of it, but had never before experienced it.  As the sign says, more used vinyl than anywhere else in NYC.  No man could look at it all in a day (or two or three …. ).  Prices can’t be beat – 50 cents a single, $2 an album. There is only one catch – there is absolutely, positively no organization.  So let the crate digging begin. David Johansen, who oversees the proceedings from his perch over the gateway to records, would be proud.

Oh, its a second hand shop for some of the upstairs.

The Thing Thrift Shop and Record Store Brooklyn New York Store Front

You can’t truly appreciate just how many records there are without a video – a number of people have obliged – here’s one – titled Josh Goes Diggin’ @ the Thing – Brooklyn New York from Josh Lamont.

Here’s a link to a May 7, 2006 article on the Thing in the New York Times by Nathaniel Rich titled Vinyl Underground   It’s old, but he estimates that they have 130,000 records in there.  What do you think?

Next up on my Brooklyn trip –  Earwax.

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