Tropicalia 2

Here is another fine playlist of Brazilian Tropicalia music.  From the late 1960s, Tropicalia is a mix of Bossa Nova, Psych, and 60s Pop, with a whole lot of other elements thrown in the stew, like church, French and latin music.  General chaos and experimentalism is the order of the day.  This playlist, more technically post-tropicalist, veers more to Brazilian psychedelic music, and musicians who entered the movement after its founders.  Featuring  Sergio Sampaio, Fabio, Alceu Valenca and Geraldo Azevedo, Manduka, Secos and Molhados, and Jorge Ben, among others.  You can hear them all in a row by clicking on the video below, which is a You Tube playlist featuring all of the songs.  Or you can click on any of the songs listed below and hear them individually.

Ton & Sergio – Vou Sair Do Cativeiro
Ely – As turbinas estao ligadas
Com Os Falcoes Reais – Ele Seculo XX
Piry – Heroi Moderno
Fabio – Lindo sonho delirante (LSD)
The Pops – Mina Malu
Os Brazoes – Tao longe de Mim
Sergio Sampaio – Labirintos Negros
Joe Bravo – Sissy Strut
Alceu Valenca e Geraldo Azevedo – 78 rotacoes
Sergio Sampaio – Eu Quero E Botar Meu Bloco Na Rua
Alceu Valenca e Geraldo Azevedo – Novena
Alceu Valenca e Geraldo Azevedo – Horrivel
Trio Tenura – Kyrie
Manduka – De La Tierra
Manduka – Patria Amada Idolatrada Salve Salve
Jorge Ben – Take It Easy My Brother Charles
Secos y Molhados – Amor
Sergio Sampaio – Filme De Terror
Caetano Veloso – Alfomega
Chico Buarque – Cotidiano
Jorge Ben – Mas Que Nada

Know a good one I haven’t listed here?   Let us know in comments.

If you like this list, you may want to try our  Tropicalia Playlist that features many of Tropicalia’s founders, including Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Tom Ze and the incomparable Os Mutantes (The Mutants).  I particularly recommend Os Mutantes first album, Os Mutantes, from 1968. 

Or perhaps you would like to learn more about Tropicalia?  Tropicalia – More Information About The Music And The Movement

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