Dusty Groove – 1120 North Ashland Ave.,  Wicker Park, Chicago, IL  60622

Next up on my tour of Chicago’s finest was the veritable Dusty Groove.  Not your typical used record store, it featured a heavy dose of non-rock, non-common records.  Go for the blues, jazz, soul, funk, latin, disco, African, Brazilian or world music, if that’s your taste.  Personally, I went for the Tropicalia, and was pleased to see a large selection of reissues and original presses.

It was featured in Rolling Stone’s 2010 list of the best 31 record stores in the US.  It also has it’s own Wikipedia page, describing the founding of the store and its history.  And quite a website too, I’m told.

Wanna go?  You can find Dusty Groove on our Record Stores Map

Dusty Groove Wicker Park Chicago Illinois - Store Front

Dusty Groove Wicker Park Chicago Illinois store interior
How many times have we gone shopping with the wife and sat in a comfy chair while they told us how good they looked in that? Here’s my wife doing the same thing in a record store. Sweet.

Here’s a video titled Behind The Counter US 2021: Dusty Groove, Chicago interviewing Rick Wojcik that will give you a better idea of what the store has to offer (by Classic Album Sundays).

And from Tap Records, here’s an interview with Rick Wojcik, one of the store’s owners, about the store and its history.  They also run a reissue label.

And what did I get while I was there?  I thought you’d never ask –

First up was Gal Costa’s 1969 Tropicalia classic Gal Costa (Cinema Olympia) – a reissue –

Gal Costa (Cinema Olympia)

You can give a listen to Cinema Olympia to get a taste of this Brazilian classic.

Next up was Gilberto Gil’s 1967 debut album Louvacao – just before the tropicalia sound was created.


This one was a first press.

Freddy King – Have You Ever Loved A Woman

And to round it out a blues comp album on Charly (a great blues reissue label from England) Freddy King Takin’ Care of Business

Worth it for Have You Ever Loved A Woman alone – you know Eric Clapton has listened to this one.

And for good measure here’s a smokin’ live version of Freddie King doing Have You Ever Loved A Woman from Europe in the 1970s.

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