Audiomania Records –  1698 Madison Ave., Memphis, Tennessee  38104-6401   Closed

When I visited the store in October 2018, it was open.  Sadly, its owner Paul Williams, passed in March 2022, and the store is now closed.  Here’s an article I wrote in October 2018, when both the store and its owner were with us.

Memphis has two top end record stores – Shangri-La and Goner – featured on many best of lists.  Buried in the back of a small strip mall, Audiomania Records is not one of them – its more meat and potatoes but worth the dig.  Personally, I went for the boxes of 45s which had quite a few worthy acquisitions.  Unpriced, Owner Paul Williams, pictured below, gave them a look and a reasonable price.  And while I was there, he treated me to some nice conversation.  Worth a dig.

Wanna go?  You can find Audiomania Records on our Record Stores Map

Audiomania Records - Memphis Tennessee store front
Audiomania Records - Memphis Tennessee store interior
Audiomania Records - Memphis Tennessee 45s
Nice boxes of 45s. Don’t worry, I left some for you.
Audiomania Records - Memphis Tennessee store posters
Audiomania Records - Memphis Tennessee
What I would have given to go to either of these shows.
Audiomania Records - Memphis Tennessee store posters
or these!
Audiomania Records - Memphis Tennessee Paul Williams
Store owner Paul Williams

The store made VinylRadar’s November 2018 list of the Best Record Stores in Memphis

My most interesting find – the E.F. Theme by Electric Frankenstein – a punk 45 from 1994.

Here are the boys performing the E F Theme. 

And while we’re at, something completely different – the Curly Shuffle by the Jump N’ The Saddle Band from 1984.

This used to play at every Mets home game in the ’80s.

Count Steve Forbert (yeah that Steve Forbert) a fan. He posted a touching tribute on his Facebook page, and dedicated this live version of Al Green’s Take Me To The River to Paul Williams, pictured at the start of this video, later as well.


  1. prior to paul Williams untimely passing, Audiomania, shifted to on line sales…as they simply shut down their physical store

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