Record Exchange –  8642 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring Md. 20910  (Washington D.C.)

Nice store run by a nice guy.  This is one of the Record Exhange’s two locations (the other is in Frederick) and a bit on the smaller side.  But their record divider –  “Budget Vinyl – The Thrill of the Hunt” is priceless.  In all my travels, I’ve never seen anyone use that one before.  And no, that’s not a picture of a Cramps record I bought at the store, but artwork the store commissioned from the very same artist.  Worthy of a visit for the floor alone.

Wanna go?  You can find the Record Exchange on our Record Stores Map

Record Exchange - Washington D.C. - store front

Record Exchange - Silver Spring Maryland - Cramps Canopy
Cool Cramps inspired canopy

Record Exchange - Silver Spring Maryland - Reefer Madness
Reefer Madness – the 1936 Cult Classic about the perils of smoking marijuana, and which, if left unchecked, will cause our youth to listen to — dare I say it — jazz of all things!

Record Exchange - Silver Spring Maryland - record floor
Great record covered floor

The Record Exchange is not the only record store in Silver Spring.  You can also visit Joe’s Record Paradise – a short walk away, and Roadhouse Oldies.   Why Silver Spring Is A Destination For Lovers Of Vinyl  published in (for American University’s radio station wamu 88.5) in April 2014 gives more information on all three stores.

Parklife DC recently reported that ownership of this location changed hands in their April 2019 article  Around Town: New Ownership @ The Record Exchange Silver Spring   The new owners are store clerks who previously worked the store.

For fun, here’s Goo Goo Muck by the Cramps.  From their 1984 compilation album, Bad Music For Bad People, this is psychobilly at its finest, as they do a cover of Ronnie Cook and the Gaylad’s Goo Goo Muck from 1962 – “I cruise through the city and I roam the streets/Lookin’ for something that is nice to eat”  Tasty.

Here’s a commercial they put together, to remind you of their new location.

And here’s a video of the store, interviewing one of the store’s managers and several customers about the store and its offerings, which will give you a better idea of what the store is about.


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