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Shame on us.  Today’s Song of the Day is from Rhode Island’s Small Factory.  A perfect indie pop song circa 1994, Scared of Love features three part harmony from a three piece band made up of guitarist Dave Auchenbach, drummer Phoebe Summersquash and bassist Alex Kemp.  Sounds alot like REM circa Murmur.  No, the singing is not excellent, but can Bob Dylan really sing? Tom Waits?  and we still love them, no?  Unfortunately, they put out two albums in the 90s, and a handful of singles, didn’t break through, and left us.  A recent check on You Tube for Scared of Love indicates its been viewed 20 times since its posting some 17 months ago, and I’m 5 of them.  This song, and the rest of their catalogue are well worth checking out.

Here are another couple of their tunes

First is Lose Your Way

Next, here’s a live version of Versus Tape at The Bell House in New York City

For more information on the band here is  Trouser Press’ History of the band and an article published in 2009 in Magnet Magazine, Lost Classics: Small Factory For If You Cannot Fly

And here are pictures of my copy of the Scared of Love single.


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