Olympic Records – 580 Wickenden Street, Providence Rhode Island  02903

At a destination wedding to Providence (the happy couple went to Brown), I found the top record store Providence had to offer sitting just around the corner.  Opened six years ago by Kevin Morosini, pictured below, the store is a nice size, and has many records in many genres to offer.  You can listen before you buy, in case you have any doubts, or forgot what the record sounded like.  And he has any number of 45 boxes (like the one he is holding that I bought below) as well.  Recommended on your next trip to Providence.

Wanna go?  You can find Olympic Records on our Record Stores Map

Olympic Records - Providence RI - store front





Olympic Records - Providence Rhode Island - 45 picture sleeves
A nice collection of 45 picture sleeves


Olympic Records - Providence Rhode Island - store interior





Olympic Records - Providence Rhode Island - store interior


Olympic Records - Providence Rhode Island - store interior



Olympic Records - Providence Rhode Island - Patty Duke
Quick, do you remember the name of Patty Duke’s character on her TV show?



Olympic Records - Providence Rhode Island - Kevin Morosini
Store owner Kevin Morosini


In addition to a psychedelic 45 record box (pictured above) I also bought the Gestures’ Run Run Run a 60s garage record on Soma, and the Byrd’s 45 Eight Miles High with a picture sleeve.
Here’s a link to an article that appeared in Providence Journal on December 1, 2016 Providences Olympic Records Caught Vinyl Wave about the store and its history.
And here’s a more recent article from Providence Monthly Off the Wall: Waxing Poetic About Vinyl at Olympic Records  published on October 1,  2019, interviewing Kevin Morosini about his store and its offerings. 
I hope that Big Star record pictured in the article’s photo is a reissue.  If its not, I hope the author of this article bought it!  If you don’t already know Big Star, you can find out a little about them on our article about  Goner Records  which also includes a You Tube video of one of their best songs September Gurls at the article’s end (its a live version, but still pretty good).
Finally, here’s a video tour of the store, courtesy of the Rhode Show from May 2017.

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