Subterranean –  5 Cornelia St., Greenwich Village NYC
Where I bought Kenny and the Kasuals Live at the Studio Club, which by the way is a great 60s garage record of covers.

The New York Times published a story Vinyl Idling on March 13, 2005, which has an interview with the store’s owner Michael Carlucci.


  1. This is a VERRRY RARE compilation 'produced' by Mike…

    So thinks…RICHARD HELL !

    This looks typical of the sort of thing Mike Carlucci at Subterranean Records on Cornelia St. in the West Village used to do. He made a few private compilations of first-wave CBGB people and bands and would press a few copies and sell them and give them away. The store closed down years ago.

    That's my best guess.

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