Record Collector – 358 Farnsworth Ave., Bordentown, NJ 08505

Next up on my tour of New Jersey’s finest was a trip to Bordentown, which features not one but two worthy record stores – Randy Now’s Man Cave, which I will cover in a later post – and the Record Collector – Bordentown – which I went to first because it closed first.

It was a fine record store with a larger space enabling it to have quite a bit of everything.  Unlike some of its competitors, it has a number of rare records for the record collector.  What caught my eye on this trip were two rare soul 45s with picture sleeves, The Temptations My Girl, and Martha and the Vandellas Dancing in the Street.  I had never seen the Temptations single in the wild before (or anywhere for that matter).

Pictured below is one of the store’s owners – John Chrambanis – who has owned the store since 1983.

Wanna go?  You can find the Record Collector – Bordentown on our Record Stores Map

Record Collector - Bordentown NJ - store front

Record Collector - Bordentown NJ - store front

Record Collector - Bordentown NJ - store interior

Record Collector - Bordentown NJ - store interior

Record Collector - Bordentown NY - co-store owner John Chrambanis
Co-store owner John Chrambanis
Record Collector - Bordentown NJ - Edison Cylinder Phonograph
An Edison cylinder Phonograph – with wax cylinder record in its case
Record Collector - Bordentown NJ - try before you buy
You can try before you buy

Record Collector - Bordentown NJ - rare 45s
Some of their rare 45 offerings

Record Collector - Bordentown NJ - behind the counter

Record Collector - Bordentown NJ - Temptations My Girl
The Temptations – My Girl with picture sleeve in the wild


Community (Bordentown edition) published this March 2013 interview with store owner John Chambris Record Collector’s passion to share music experience about the store and its history.

Here’s an article that appeared on in February of 2015 Bordentown Record Store Comes Alive With Music that describes some of the shows held in the store – as you can see, its a big enough space, with stage in the back, to hold a small concert.  The list is quite impressive for a record store.

And here’s link to a YouTube video of  Agent Orange performing an instore in 2010.  Agent Orange is a surf punk band from Southern California formed in the early 1980s.

And another by the Good Rats in 2010 performing Injun Joe.  They are led here by the late Peppi Marchello, who is doing the honors a lead singer.

If you don’t know, the Good Rats were (are?) a Long Island band that put out the classic cult record Tasty (on which Injun Joe appeared) in 1974.

And here is an explanation of where the name Vandellas came from.  Ever want to know?


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