Record Reserve – 243 Main St., Northport (Long Island) New York  11768
   (Hopefully) open – When the virus leaves us.

When I wrote this post in 2020, Record Reserve was still in Northport.  They are still open, but have moved locations and are now in Huntington Station at 680 E. Jericho Turnpike, in a small strip mall next to a Yoga studio.  These pictures are from the old Northport location.  My new post will feature pictures from their present Hunting Station location, opened in fall 2022.

Originally opened in 2011, Record Reserve has moved around a bit, both in various locations in Northport and to nearby Kings Park.  Presently, its back in Northport on Main Street.  It’s a nice store that has a variety of used records, from ’60s, to Punk to Jazz to Rock, reasonably priced, neatly packed in its smallish space. 

The store’s run by Tim Clair, a nice guy (most record store owners are) who doesn’t do this for the money.  Who can’t love a Mets fan?

In a twist for this writer, he takes pictures of his customers, and posts them on his Instagram account.  For me, its usually the other way ’round.  He also posts his latest offerings.

It’s nice to see a record store back in Northport – Permanent used to be on Main Street back in the day.

Northport is one of my favorite towns, because its still relatively inaccessible.  No access via a major highway – it still hasn’t been overly developed.  It has a great park on the harbor, a great bakery (Copenhagen), a great brewery (Sand City), a great local Theatre, Marone’s, great art galleries, a great candy shop, (you get the idea …)  Great for a summer visit.

Wanna go?  You can find Record Reserve on our Record Stores Map.

Record Reserve - Northport (Long Island) New York - store front

Record Reserve - Northport (Long Island) New York - store interior
Record Reserve - Northport (Long Island) New York - store interior
Record Reserve - Northport (Long Island) New York - store owner Tim Clair
Store Owner – Tim Clair

Here’s a podcast from the Heavy Hole from Record Store Day in April 2019, interviewing Tim Clair about himself (he’s also a musician), his store(s) and their history.

In June 2017, TBR Media published this piece, A modern day renaissance for two Smithtown record shops interviewing both Tim Clair about his shop, then in Kings Park, as well as Stu Goldberg and his son about Mr. Cheapos.

Always had good luck in their New Arrivals bin.  My last purchase was the Flamin’ Groovies – Now!  A 60s band from the 70s, the Groovies wear their influences well – Byrds, Beatles, and most of all the Rolling Stones.  On this one, the band sounds great, and are doing a bunch of covers.  Here’s one of my favorites, a cover of the Byrds Feel A Whole Lot Better


  1. Cool. Tim opened in a new location on 25a just outside the village, opposite Northside Deli. It’s smaller but cozy.

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