Jerry’s Records –  2136 Murray Ave Pittsburgh PA  15217
Ain’t Closin’

Finally made it to Jerry’s and it was worth the trip.  One of the great record stores in the USA today, it occupies (much) of the massive second floor of the building pictured below.   Mucho used records of all genres priced cheap – and if that isn’t cheap enough they were giving away mystery boxes of records so long as you looked at them at home.  Run by Jerry Weber (pictured below) you will need quite a lot time to do it right.  And of course you can listen to it before you buy it.  Just remember to bring cash as he won’t take cards.  It has all genres – include Bad Rock Operas!  And who wouldn’t love a store that features an album titled “Music of Today” in the Classical section.  Issac didn’t lie.

And don’t just take my word for it.

The store was featured in Rolling Stones’ Best Record Stores In The USA published in Sept. 2010.

And here’s an article in Dan Lindich’s Sound Advice from Dec. 2016 Jerry’s Records In Pittsburgh PA Records For People To Listen To  with more photos and an interview with Jerry, recounting the history of the store, which opened in 1974.

Oh, and I almost forgot.  Whistlin Willie’s 78s is just down the hall on the same floor (if you look for 78s).

Wanna go?  You can find Jerry’s Records on our Record Stores Map
Jerry's Records - Pittsburgh Pa. - Store Front


Jerry's Records - Pittsburgh Pa. - store front


Jerry's Records - Pittsburgh Pa. - T-Shirt
Jerry’s store t-shirt by none other than R Crumb



Jerry's Records - Pittsburgh Pa. - free records


Jerry's Records - Pittsburgh Pa. - store interior


Jerry's Records - Pittsburgh Pa. - store interior


Jerry's Records - Pittsburgh Pa. - Bad Rock Operas
Not to be confused with the good ones.


Jerry's Records - Pittsburgh Pa. - store interior


Jerry's Records - Pittsburgh Pa. - stacks
But wait, there’s even more








Jerry's Records - Pittsburgh Pa. - counter
Make sure you bring cash



Jerry's Records - Pittsburgh Pa. - store interior



Jerry's Records - Pittsburgh Pa. - store interior



Jerry's Records - Pittsburgh Pa. - Jerry Weber
The man himself – Jerry Weber working the counter.



Here’s an interview with long time store owner Jerry Weber about the Jerry’s Records and its offerings published in January 2017 by Corey’s VC channel (Record Stores Across America).  He estimated the store had between 450,000 and 500,000 albums on hand.  But don’t look for many 45s as he sold them in bulk to a buyer in Germany.


As reported on in their July 2017 article ‘Legendary’ Jerry Weber Bids Adieu To His Record Store, But Never The Music That Made His Career Jerry recently sold the store to Chris Grauzer, but it still lives on.

They also sell a great store t-shirt, featuring the image below of Jerry Weber and his son Whistlin’ Willie (who runs the 78 store on the same floor as Jerry’s) drawn by none other than the great R Crumb.


The story of how this drawing came to be is one a record collector would love.  But Tony Norman of the Post Gazette told it better than I ever could in his article  Rare 78 spins into trade with Jerry’s Records for drawing by R. Crumb from February 2013.

Update: Alas, it is with sadness that I report the passing of Jerry Weber. Jerry died on January 28, 2022 at the age of 73. He was remembered fondly by those whose lives he touched through his store and love of records. Here’s an article from WYEP Remembering Jerry Weber of Jerry’s Records featuring both touching tributes and pictures of Jerry at the store.


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