Rough Trade Records, 64 N. 9th Street, Willamsburg, Brooklyn New York
Just when you thought the big record store was dead, Rough Trade opened a big (and I do mean big) record store in Brooklyn in November 2013 reminiscent of the since closed Tower, Virgin and the many large record stores of the past.  Quite a large space with quite a large number of records, but only new vinyl here.  They do also host live events.

An article appeared in Gizmodo More Than A Record Shop: Inside Brookyn’s Massive New Music Outpost in November 2013 with many additional pictures of the store.

Rough Trade has long operated two stores in England, and once a fine record label (Rough Trade) though I’m not sure of its current ownership (it still is a fine record label).

Some of the bands that appeared on Rough Trade include the Decemberists, Camper van Beethoven, the Libertines, the Strokes, Cornershop and Arcade Fire, to name but a few.

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