Dave’s Records – 2604 North Clark Street,  Lincoln Park, Chicago Ill.  60614

Rated as one of the country’s top record stores by both Rolling Stone in 2010 and Hi-Consumption in 2016 (and I’m sure many others) Dave’s Records is a true record store – small and jam packed with quality vinyl.  The shop has been owned and operated by Dave Crain (pictured below) for the last 15 or so years and the sign on the front door (on a seven inch) says it all “No CDs.  Never had ’em.  Never will.”  So how do you like your vinyl?  New and unopened?  Used and cheap?  Something a little tastier off the high end menu?  It’s all here.

Wanna go?  You can find Dave’s Records on our Record Store Map.

Dave's Records Lincoln Park Chicago Illinois Store Front

Got some really nice picture sleeve 45’s (quite reasonably priced) including the Raybeats Guitar Beat (pictured above), the Cure’s Why Can’t I Be You, Pinball Wizard by the Who, and Clocks by Coldplay.

Now, how did I get here?  I’d already been to three (good) Chicago record stores this weekend, where I was at a wedding with my wife.  A fourth would definitely be pushing my luck.  But as luck would have it, we had time for one more (quick) tour, and picked Lincoln Park and the Elk’s Museum.  We were supposed to see this

 Related image

But as fate would have it, the Museum was closed, and so we took a stroll around Lincoln Park.  And what do you think we found?  I didn’t know it was there.  Honest.

Kind of like that famous Fugs album

Image result for fugs it crawled into my hand

Here’s an article that appeared in DNA info in 2015 Dave of Dave’s Records: It’s Bigger Than Christmas interviewing Dave about the then upcoming Record Store Day.
And here’s a you tube video Get It On Vinyl Visits Dave’s Record Store interviewing Dave and discussing the store and it’s history.
And here’s a more recent You Tube Video, interviewing store owner Dave Crain about the store, its offerings and its history.  Sorry for the ads at the beginning, but its really professionally done, and we all have to sit thru You Tube ads anyway, no?
In the immortal words of Ahnald –  I’ll be back.

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