Song of the Day

Today’s Song of the Day is the Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter.  Written largely by Keith Richards, it features one of his best guitar riff intros, which is quite a feat given the many great intros he has written.  The chick vocal is by Merry Clayton, who tells quite a story about the recording session.

This is from 1969’s Let It Bleed, and to me has always symbolized the end of the 60’s – gone are the tight harmonies of mid 60’s AM pop, the love power of 1967, and the psychedelia that followed,  It is replaced by dark images of the Vietnam war, and assassinations.  One of my all time favorite Stones’ songs, it has always been number one on my personal Stones playlist.

The video below is very interesting, featuring a number of disturbing images from the late 60s set against the song.  This video is highly recommended.  But if you can’t see it on YouTube, I’ve provided another video where you can hear this great song yourself.

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