Bleecker Bob’s –  118 W 3rd Street Greenwich Village NYC


Sad to report that Bleecker Bob’s, long rumored to be closing, has in fact finally left us.  As recently reported by Mitch Meyers, in his article Bleecker Bobs New-Yorks Iconic Record Store Closes Bleecker Bob’s closed on April 13, 2013.  The first time I heard rumors they would close, I went down for a last visit.  Didn’t get there this time, but a look at the pictures posted here will give you an idea of what is was like.  Another icon sadly gone.

Here are some photos from happier times.

Inside Bleecker Bob’s

Something for everyone ….

or maybe some power pop ….

Bob – can you show me the good stuff? Your 60’s garage box?


The store was in Greenwich Village, just around the corner from the Waverly and the West 4th street basketball courts. Back in the day, the Waverly featured midnight showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, where the audience dressed as their favorite character and were part of the show. Now its the IFC. The West 4th courts are still there, but they got a make over. I remember them being a little below grade of the street.

I always thought the store’s main clientele were tourists, and the prices were set accordingly. But somethimes, when you were in need, you might break down and shell out for a better disc.

Bleecker Bob’s on Seinfeld

For fun, here’s a clip from the “Old Man” episode of Seinfeld.  Newman and Kramer have decided to try and sell some used records at Bleecker Bob’s (called Ron’s Records on Bleecker Street in the show).  Not surprisingly, they are not offered what they hoped for the records.  What would you expect for Don Ho Live in Honolulu? or Jerry Vale Sings Italian Love Songs?  Personally, I always found that the last records always available at a garage sale are Barbara Streisand and Herb Alpert.

Now, I know the actor behind the counter is not Bleecker Bob (aka Robert Plotnik).  Instead, he is played by Tobin Bell.  But I also think the scene is not shot in Bleecker Bob’s.  The exterior is right, but not the interior.  I remember a long counter when you entered the store to the left of the door. And boxes of 45s stacked high above.  Can anyone confirm or deny?

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