Seinfeld – Bleecker Bob’s
from the episode “Old Man”

Today, we offer a bit of humor.  In this excerpt from the Seinfeld series, Newman and Kramer have decided to try and sell some used records at Bleecker Bob’s.  Not surprisingly, they are not offered what they hoped for the records.  What would you expect for Don Ho Live in Honolulu? or Jerry Vale Sings Italian Love Songs?  Personally, I always found that the last records always available at a garage sale are Barbara Streisand and Herb Alpert.

Now, I know the actor behind the counter is not Bleecker Bob (aka Robert Plotnik).  Instead, he is played by Tobin Bell.  But I also think the scene is not shot in Bleecker Bob’s.  The exterior is right, but not the interior.  I remember a long counter when you entered the store to the left of the door. And boxes of 45s stacked high above.  Can anyone confirm or deny?


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