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If you’ve found this site, you are into exploring.  You go to record stores not knowing what you’re going to buy, but to see what is interesting, what you might discover that you haven’t heard before.

If you’ve come this far, care to go a little farther?

In addition to the various books (quite good) listed on my Record Reviews post, another way is to explore ‘best of’ lists – and particularly best of lists by a genre you want to explore.

In my never ending quest for new music, here are some best of lists I have found in my travels – happy hunting.

100 Greatest Blues Albums from Digital Dream Door

List Combining 10 Best of The Blues Lists

Top 25 Jazz Albums of All Time from the Jazz

500 Greatest Albums of All Time from Rolling Stone Magazine

Best Tropicalia Albums from Sounds and Colours

Best 40 Psychedelic Albums from the Active Listener

Nick Wall’s 66 Greatest Rough Raw Garage Rock Tunes of All Times
even the comments have good tunes!

Best Songs of the 1930s from Digital Dream Door

100 Greatest One Hit Wonders from VH1

50 Greatest One Hit Wonders from

All Music’s 5 Star Albums complete with album covers and reviews

A Compilation of All Music’s 5 Star Albums of the 2000s from the Attack Zone

Q Magazine’s 100 Greatest Albums Ever  (a list that moves past the 60s)

100 Best New Wave Songs from Digital Dream Door

More to come.

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